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Vitamin D3 Campaign
We're looking for content creators to produce 30-second videos that encapsulate the vitality and necessity of Vitamin D3 gummies.
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Vitamin D3
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Did You know! Black People Have The Highest Rates Of Vitamin D Deficiency In The USA? These gummies are here to fix that.
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A personal account or review sharing your experience with a product or service.
A video or photo sequence showing the process of opening a product's packaging and revealing its contents for the first time.
A step-by-step video guide or tutorial designed to teach viewers how to perform a specific task or use the product.
Choose between a Testimonial, Unboxing, or How-To video for this campaign.

Black Girl Vitamins addresses Vitamin D deficiency among Black women in the USA with our specially formulated D3 gummies. Our campaign seeks creators to make 30-second videos educating on the issue, showcasing product benefits like increased energy, and highlighting our mission to support Black women in healthcare. Videos should start with the deficiency fact, present our gummies as a solution, illustrate community impact, and end with a call to action. Ensure high-quality production, include subtitles, and subtly integrate branding elements. Let's raise awareness and empower our community together.

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